Blessid Union Of Souls

Welcome to the Blessid Union Of Souls. A pop group founded by Jeff Pence, along with Eliot Sloan and Matt Senatore. The artists being Jeff Pence and Eliot Sloan, and Matt Senatore the producer. The first music was released in 1995 on EMI Records. The first CD was titled "Home" and featured the number 1 hit single "I Believe" and top 40 hits "Let Me Be The One", "Oh Virginia", and "All Along". Blessid Union went on to release other music on their own cds and compilations with other groups. Their 2nd cd titled "Blessid Union Of Souls" was released in 1997 on EMI Records and later moved to Capitol Records. It contained hit singles "I Wanna Be There" and "Light In Your Eyes". The 2nd biggest single was released in 1999 titled "Hey Leonardo / She Likes Me For Me" on the cd "Walking Off The Buzz" on V2 Records.

The original touring band consisted of Jeff Pence - Guitar/Backing Vocals, Eliot Sloan - Lead Vocals/Piano, CP Roth - Keyboards/Bass/Harmonica/Backing Vocals/Assistant Producer, Eddie Hedges - Drums/Backing Vocals and Tony Clark - Bass/Guitar. After the departure of CP Roth and Eddie Hedges, they added Bryan Billhimer - Guitar and Shaun Schaefer - Drums. Even though Blessid Union Of Souls technically did not tour after 2006 since Jeff Pence and Eliot Sloan was not performing together, Eliot Sloan has been using the name of the band to do shows since 2007.

I Believe - Home 

 Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me) - The Singles

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